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Charter Service:

Piper Cheyenne II

Reno Flying Service charters all-weather, twin turboprop Piper Cheyenne II aircraft. Our pressurized cabin and high performance turboprop engines allow our aircraft to climb above much of the weather that often moves throughout our region. With a 300 mile per hour cruise speed, our aircraft will save you valuable time and allow you to get more done as you travel to your destination. Skip the long TSA lines, high airport parking fees, and unpleasant gate agents. With Reno Flying Service, you'll enjoy convenient parking, a short walk to your private aircraft, and a pleasant ride to your destination.

RFS Captains are highly experienced professionals. All Captains possess an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate - the same requirement for large major airline captains. Additionally, RFS pilots are specially trained for the mountain flying and weather conditions of the Mountain West. For decades, we've been taking our passengers where they need to go.

Whether your next trip is for business, a family vacation, or to get a critical package delivered hundreds of miles away quickly, call RFS for immediate service. We charter aircraft 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Whatever your needs, RFS is there for you! Contact us @ 775-856-5800 during business hours or 800-799-0400 24/7

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